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I’m Dawn Kendall, and I’m a level 4 qualified Sports Massage Therapist and Hatha Yoga Teacher. I live and work in the Norfolk countryside, near to the Norfolk Broads. I also offer sports massage at Gain Fitness, which is located near to Norwich city centre.

I grew up enjoying an active, healthy and happy Norfolk lifestyle. My passions included rock climbing, gymnastics and swimming, and I understood the importance of a good diet. But as adult life progressed, motivation for a healthy lifestyle dwindled as I sat at a deskbound job. I realised something needed to change, but I wasn’t quite sure what.

But then, in my 30’s I discovered CrossFit, the strength, conditioning and overall fitness program. My active mojo came back, and my positive outlook on life grew. I saw how meeting and beating challenges improved my mental approach to life. I was hooked.

CrossFit also helped me understand how the body works, and I experienced first-hand the benefits of regular massages for maintenance, fitness and keeping niggles at bay. It was the catalyst for me to become a sports massage therapist and help others to stay in tip-top condition.

It makes my day when I see my clients being proactive in their health and wellbeing, and I thrive on helping my clients leave my therapy room feeling better than when they arrived.

Here’s what some of my clients say

My Sports Massage Journey

After years working at a desk and with a renewed interest in fitness, I retrained and qualified as a Sports Massage Therapist in 2018. I initially offered massage therapy at Aviva’s headquarters and set up my therapy room at home in 2019. In 2021 I also began offering appointments at Gain Fitness, where I had discovered and fallen in love with CrossFit.

My Dry Needling Journey

As I progressed further on my therapy journey, I realised that adding more therapies to my toolkit would benefit my clients. In 2020, I attended a CPD course in Dry Needling at Sports Therapy UK run by the incredible Dr Chris Norris. In 2021 I advanced my training even further with Dawn Morse at Core Elements.

As a fully qualified dry needling therapist I can now treat tissues unreachable with massage alone.

My Cupping Journey

I decided to add cupping therapy to the range of services on offer, again to bring additional benefits to my clients. In 2021 I undertook a CPD course at Core Elements.

When used together with sports massage, dry cupping allows me to treat different areas at the same time and provide a different stimulus. 

My Yoga Journey

I discovered yoga to help ease the regular aches and pains from CrossFit classes and a re-energised active lifestyle. Having been a gymnast in my youth, I came to yoga with a strong level of flexibility, and I have to admit it felt good being able to achieve a lot of the fancy poses.

But as I practiced more yoga, I realised it was also helping me maintain mobility. I also became increasingly drawn to the ‘other side of yoga’: The philosophies that help balance your mind and redress the way you approach life. 

Yoga feels like the final missing piece of the wellbeing jigsaw, and I want everyone to experience what it can bring to their life. With this in mind, I began my yoga teacher training and qualified in 2021. I now offer online classes and 121 sessions that can fit seamlessly into your day. In 2021 I also started the yoga life podcast with my good friend and fellow yoga teacher Alex. Together we explore and share the wisdom that yoga brings to your life, both on and off the mat.