What is Cupping?

Have you heard about cupping and not sure what it’s all about? Read on to find out more about this popular and highly effective treatment.

What is it?

Cupping therapy is a technique that uses suction cups to increase the flow of blood and other nutritional goodies to specific areas. This flushes out waste products and kickstarts the healing process.

How does it work?

Small but strong plastic cups are applied to the skin, creating a seal and a vacuum. As blood and nutrients rush to the area, muscles warm and soften, tissues hydrate and areas of tension experience welcome relief. On the flip side, as blood flow increases, waste products drain away.

When is it used?

Cupping is effective on many parts of the body, but its most commonly used on larger areas, such as backs and legs, where there is enough space to create a seal between the cup and skin. And because cupping softens muscles and provides instant tension relief, it’s often used to prepare muscles for a firmer sports massage.

As a treatment, cupping works particularly well after regular exercise, overtraining or if you have recently taken part in a sporting event. Your overused muscles may be buzzing with waste products such as lactic acid, which cupping will help to drain away. But it’s not only for sports-related injuries. Tight muscles caused by bad posture or overuse in your day-to-day activity will also benefit.

What are the benefits of cupping?

Cupping has a wide range of associated benefits, which include:
• Increased circulation
• Toxin release
• Decreased muscle tension
• Cell repair
• Relaxation
• Relief from pain

What are those red marks?

Have you seen people at the pool or gym with those tell-tale red circles on their backs and shoulders and wondered what they are? Perhaps you’ve even thought they look painful.

The notorious cupping marks are harmless, painless, and nothing to worry about. All that healthy blood flowing to rescue your tight muscles cause the patterns. They may appear almost immediately and can last up to three weeks. But they usually disappear within a week.

Are there any other side effects?

As with any treatment, you may feel a little groggy as your body works hard to heal and soak up all the nutrients flowing around your body. Drink plenty of water and take it easy. In fact, the more you can rest and relax in the hours after your treatment, the more energy and effort your body can spend on its recovery journey.


Cupping is a safe treatment that helps to relieve muscle tension and pain quicker than massage therapy alone. It is a popular and effective treatment to aid recovery from a range of injuries and muscle imbalances.

If you would like to know more, let’s talk cups at your next appointment.

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