Yoga Classes

My yoga classes are delivered to you online and in-person at a variety of locations.

The classes I teach are based on the Hatha branch of yoga, which encourage you to move your body and bring stillness to your mind.

The essence of Hatha yoga focuses on balancing mind, body and breath to develop mindfulness. All classes begin with physical postures that lead towards meditation and relaxation.

Lunchtime classes are delivered online, last 40 minutes and are the perfect escape from your desk or busy day.

Evening classes are delivered online and in person. The classes last one hour to allow more time for meditation and relaxation, with the road to sleep and bedtime in mind.

1-2-1 Yoga Sessions

1-2-1 yoga sessions are also available, and I can deliver these in person or online.

These sessions provide a personalised approach focused on your individual needs. They can be used as a treatment for physical rehabilitation and can work together with the other services I offer as part of a broader treatment plan.

Important Notice

I am now on maternity leave until the end of the year.

To be informed when I return to work, please enter your details below.